I run HeatHack, a community group that I have set up to understand how to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency in community spaces. In Edinburgh that usually means difficult buildings - churches, ex-churches, and church halls. Our work requires a mix of skills that includes engineering modelling of the buildings, sensor networks for monitoring, and sociotechnical systems research. We take students and community members looking for projects; please ask.

This initiative is an outcome of my 2014 Beltane Public Engagement Fellowship. The end goal is to increase Edinburgh's resilience by helping community building managers understand and plan for improvements.

Senior Researcher and Project Manager

This is a hybrid role that is neither fully administration nor fully research. I am currently employed part-time by the University of Edinburgh to work for the SICSA Cyber Nexus, the community of Scottish cyber security researchers drawn from all Scottish universities. My role combines strategic planning with briefing Scottish Government on their research portfolio; coalescing communities of researchers; and carrying out my own research. Previous roles have primarily been within the School of Informatics, with a small amount of work for the School of Engineering.

I have 20+ years experience of university-based research at the cross-section of technology, psychology, and human communication. I engage in some straight academic research in the component fields, but more often work in, scope, and manage interdisciplinary projects with a mix of scientific or practical aims, with applications including health care and business management. In support of some of this work, I have also been actively involved in the design and creation of open source software and open content annotations of dialogues and meetings. Although these skills are not traditionally valued in academia, I see facilitation of strategy formation for research teams and resource provision as important parts of my role.

In November 2015, a paper on which I was the lead author received the "Ten Year Technical Impact" award from 17th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction. I would say the award was really for a data set, the AMI Meeting Corpus. When the AMI project was awarded, the investigators hadn't thought much about what the data annotations should be like or considered the impact that creating a reusable data set might have. Much of my work on the AMI project was making the case for release and ensuring that the annotations were defined and produced in such a way as to make them genuinely useful.

Some past projects with web presences:

I am sometimes mistaken for Joan Carletta - if you're interested in VLSI or fast signal processing, try her.

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