Research Goals

My research interests are in speech information processing and I have mainly concentrated on statistical speech synthesis. However, my research ideas bridge the gaps between the field of speech synthesis and other research fields, including machine  learning, speech production, and linguistics. My goals are to place speech synthesis on a more scientific basis, and to create commercially useful technologies.

  • ASR, MT, and speech synthesis
  • Speech production/perception and speech synthesis
  • Machine learning for speech synthesis
  • New applications for speech synthesis

PhD students or visitors I work (worked) together with
  • Sarah Creer (visitor from University of Sheffield, UK)
  • Zhenhua Ling (visitor from USTC, China)
  • Roberto Barra Chicote (visitor from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
  • Bela Usabaev (visitor from Eberhard-Karls-Universitat, German)
  • Michael Pucher (visitor from ftw., Austria)
  • Tuomo Raitio (visitor from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)
  • Antti Suni (visitor from University of Helsinki, Finland)
  • Keiichiro Oura (visitor from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Kei Hashimoto (visitor from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Adriana Stan (visitor from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
  • Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna (visitor from Texas A&M University, USA)
  • Ming Lei (visitor from USTC, China)
  • Ting Ming
  • Moses Ekpenyong
  • Chenyu Yang (visitor from USTC, China)
  • Sayaka Shiota (visitor from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Pierre Lanchantin (visitor from University of Cambridge)
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