Kartic Subr

K.Subr@ed.ac.uk.edu (without '.edu')

Royal Society Univ. Research Fellow,

Instt. for Perception, Action and Behaviour,

School of Informatics, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK.

Office: IF 1.10A

Phone: +44 (0)131 650 2936

Research Group

Tatiana Lopez-Guevara

Alexandros Keros
4th year PhD

Brian Seipp
2nd year PhD

Leonardo Castorina
1st year PhD

Zhiyuan (Bruce) Zhang
1st year PhD

Affiliates / Co-supervised

Martin Asenov
4th year PhD

Previous members

Carson Vogt
(PhD 2020)
Research Engineer
Naval Postgraduate School.

Elizabeth Vargas
(PhD 2019)
Software Engineer, Sense Photonics.

Thomas Guerneve
(PhD 2018)
Research Engineer, SeeByte.

Rita Pucci
(post doc. 2017-18)
Research Associate, University of Udine.

Divakaran Divakaran
(post doc. 2018-2019)
Azim Premji University.




Pucci et al. WhoAmI: An Automatic Tool for Visual Recognition of Tiger and Leopard Individuals in the Wild (pdf)

Keros, Divakaran, Subr. Jittering Samples using a kd-Tree Stratification (pdf)

Burke et al. Learning rewards for robotic ultrasound scanning using probabilistic temporal ranking. (pdf)

Castorina et al. .PDBench: Evaluating Computational Methods for Protein Sequence Design. (pdf)

Jul My paper 'Q-NET' is accepted to EGSR 21 (Conputer Graphics Forum). (link)
Jan Michael's paper 'Action Sequencing using Visual Permutations' is accepted to IEEE RA-Letters and ICRA 21. (link)
Dec Elizabeth's paper 'On Improved Training of CNN for Acoustic Source Localisation' is accepted to IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing.
Dec Tatiana's paper 'IV-Posterior' is accepted to Neurips 2020 workshop.
Aug Tatiana's paper 'Stir to Pour' is accepted to IROS 2020.
Jun Awarded a 3-year extension to my Royal Society URF.
Jan Floyd Chitalu's paper on simulating brittle fracture is accepted -- Eurographics (CGF) 2020.
Jan Martin's paper Vid2Param is accepted -- ICRA 2020.
Dec Tatiana's invited talk at a NeurIPS 2019 workshop.
Dec Martin's paper Vid2Param accepted to RA-Letters.
Aug I will be speaking about robot autonomy and intuitive physics at the Barbican Centre in London.