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Speech Technology and Human Computer Interaction Workshop

9.00am, March 27th, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh University, UK


Speech is becoming more common as an interaction modality, through its use as the principal means of interaction for Siri, Google Now and Google Glass and other commercially available devices. Over the years significant effort has been expended developing systems and solving issues in speech recognition, synthesis, and natural language processing leading to robust solutions in these areas. Yet there is currently a lack of attention on this modality from an HCI perspective.This SICSA workshop aims to harness the expertise in Scotland UK, and Europe in these areas by bringing together researchers, students, practitioners and technologists from diverse fields (psychologists, linguistics, computer scientists, HCI researchers) from academia and industry to explore the nature of speech-based human-computer interactions and opportunities for cross disciplinary collaboration on mutual challenges.

Why Does This Matter to You?

HCI Researchers, Engineers, and Post-Graduate Students: Google, Apple, Amazon to name but a few, have invested millions of dollars in speech technology engineering over the last couple of years. The biggest game changing designs will be in this area. The workshop will give you up to date insight into cutting edge technology in the field.

Speech Technology Researchers, Engineers, and Post-Graduate Students: Outside of the discipline, the first two questions that any reviewer, potential employee, or journalist will ask is: 1) Why do you use it? 2) How do you use it? The workshop will bring you together with HCI experts and designers who can give this perspective, and help you in understanding, researching and developing compelling and exciting user interface.

Both: As new products appear that make use of speech technology we need to be able to pick up the phone, and get collaborations going for grant proposals, joint articles and shared initiatives. The UK, and Scotland in particular, has some of the leading experts in HCI and Speech Technology, don't miss this opportunity to meet and advance Scottish engineering in these two disciplines!p>

Invited Speakers
  • Russell Beale: HCI Centre, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Steve Renals: School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Holly Branigan: School of Psychology, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Per Ola Kristensson: School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews, UK
Poster Session

All attendees are encouraged to bring a poster of their recent work in related areas. The poster session will take place after the invited talks in the morning. Abstracts and titles will be printed in the delegate programme.


The event will also have a session for technology demonstrations of leading speech technology. Attendees wishing to show their technology are encouraged to submit an abstract, title and technical specification upon registering.


One author from the application-to-attend must be able to attend the workshop (and register for a minimum of 1 CHI day).