Sentence Compression Examples

The examples below demonstrate several rewrite operations for compressing sentences. Most of them are transformation rules which are triggered by syntactic constructions and are thus independent of the specific content of the sentence being compressed.

Example 1 (light verb construction)

Example 2 (light verb construction)

Example 3 (light verb construction)

Example 4 (light verb construction)

Example 5 (NP modified by relative clause)

Example 6 (NP modified by relative clause)

Example 7 (adverbial NP)

Example 8 (relative clause)

Example 9 (relative clause)

Example 10 (relative clause)

Example 11 (prepositions)

Example 12 (prepositions)

Example 13 (genitives)

Example 14 (active/passive voice)

Example 15 (cleft sentence)

Example 16 (pseudo-cleft sentence)

Example 17 (existential sentence)

Example 18 (subordinate clause)

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