Michael O'Boyle

PhD, University of Manchester, 1992
Email: mob at inf dot ed dot ac dot uk
Phone: 0131 650 5117
Fax: 0131 667 7209
School of Informatics
Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
King's Buildings
Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ

2 PhD Studentships in Compilers that Learn to Optimise

Research Interests

The primary research question I am interested in is: how can compiler technology best exploit the potential of high performance architectures? My work involves developing new theory and optimisation techniques and then prototyping these ideas in experimental compilers. Compilers are one component in high performance computing and I am interested in their interaction with other components, most notably architecture design. My research interests include:

  • Adaptive compilation. Compilers are unable to keep up with the sustained evolution of computer architecture. I am working on techniques which allow the compiler to learn about the underlying architecture by exploring a transformation based optimisation space.
  • Auto-parallelising compilers. With Professor Francois Bodin, I have developed the auto-parallelising compiler MARS for Distributed Shared Memory machines. It is based on a linear algebraic representation of programs and initial results show that it outperforms state-of-the-art commercial compilers.
  • Optimising for memory hierarchy. Memory latency is the primary bottleneck in processor performance. I am currently investigating how static and dynamic analysis can be synthesised to suggest appropriate transformations to improve memory hierarchy utilisation.
  • Linear program transformation theory and practice. I have developed a unified view of loop and data transformations which allows a systematic approach to transforming programs.
  • Compiler directed memory coherence. I am currently investigating analysis techniques which allow elimination of coherence overhead by modelling coherence state in terms of dataflow equations.
  • Java Grande. I am interested in how we can use existing and novel techniques to improve the performance of Java programs, without losing its flexibility and portability.
  • Very High level programming languages. I am interested in how languages such as ALDOR, which provide great expressive power may be implemented on high performance computers, especially with regard to QCD applications.
  • I am also interested in Compiler impact on architecture and the Parallelisation of commercial languages and applications.
  • I am a member of the Compiler and Architecture Design Group and fom January 2001, hold an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship on Adaptive Compilation.

    A list of my publications, selected papers and a brief biography

    Steering Commitee CPC
    Programme Commitee Member PACT 2004
    Programme Commitee Member ICS 2004
    Vice Programme Chair Compilers for High Performance, Europar 2004, Italy.
    Programme Commitee Member ICS 2003
    Vice Programme Chair Compilers for High Performance, Europar 2003, Austria.
    Programme Committee Member IPDPS 2003

    I am an honorary lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester and a member of the CNC.

    Prospective PhD Students

    I am interested in supervising PhD students in any of the above research areas. For further details, please use the contact information at the top of this page