Licence terms

  1. Title to and copyright of the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench remains with the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.
  2. The Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench may be used freely within the licensee's organisation for research and educational purposes. For commercial use, contact LFCS.
  3. The licensee will not pass the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench to anyone outside of their organisation.
  4. The licensee accepts the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench "as is". The University of Edinburgh makes no warranty in respect of the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench. Nevertheless licensees are encouraged to report to LFCS any problems with or suggestions for improvement of the the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench.
  5. The licensee may modify the supplied Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench on condition that any significant changes are notified to LFCS and made available to LFCS such that they may be incorporated within future releases of the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench and licenced under the conditions of this licence agreement. Licensees are strongly advised to consult LFCS before starting such work in order to avoid duplication and to assess the feasibility of the work.
  6. Licensees will acknowledge LFCS and The University of Edinburgh as the designers of the Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench and implementors of this implementation in any relevant document or publication.
To contact LFCS, send email to the CWB maintainer in the first instance.
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