sim: simulate an agent interactively

sim A;


(If you are running under Solaris 2.x using X, you might like to consider using the prototype graphical simulator instead. See the CWB WWW home page for more information.)

The following commands are available in the simulator:

sim B; Stops current simulation, deletes breakpoints, starts simulating B instead.

menu; Lists the (one-step) transitions from the current state.

n; Follows the transition labelled with the integer n in the menu.

random n; Simulates no more than n steps, choosing transitions at random. Halts if it reaches a deadlocked agent, or one which can perform an action which is on the list of breakpoints (see the break command).

; Short for random 1;

history; Lists the states and transitions by which the current state was reached.

return n; Stops current simulation, simulates the agent reached at step n of the current simulation instead. (E.g. return 0; starts again at the beginning.)

break a,b...; Sets breakpoints on actions a, b etc. See random.

lb; Lists all the breakpoints.

db a,b,...; Deletes a,b etc. from the list of breakpoints.

bind A; Bind the current state to identifier A: if the current state is B, this is equivalent to agent A = B; at the CWB main prompt.

help; Prints out a summary of these simulation commands.

quit; Stops simulation, returns to the CWB main prompt.

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