commodore c64 nostalgia

Once upon a time I bought a Commodore C64 together with my brother. A marvelous machine: 64K RAM (that's 0.064 MB in modern terminology), 1 MHz 8-bit CPU, no bootup time, 16 colors and a somewhat high-level programming language (BASIC) included.

I wrote some stuff for it and released it to the public domain. All this was long forgotten until I first typed my name into AltaVista Search. One of my oldest games came up as a search result - Zauberland, a text adventure, written in January 1985, when I was 13.

To join the nostalgia,

  • Download the C64 Emulator for Linux/Pentium (other versions can be found here).
  • Play Zauberland (it's in German, you have been warned!).