Direct Least Square Fitting of Ellipses

By Maurizio Pilu, Andrew Ftzgibbon, and Robert B. Fisher @ Machine Vision Unit

Department of Artificial Intellegence, University of Edinburgh
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh EH1 2QL

This page gives an interactive demo of the first ellipse-specific direct fitting method presented in the papers:

The most stable and correct MATLAB code is here and some MATLAB code for drawing ellipses is here and here.

Note: Your Browser must be Java-enabled, such as Netscape 2, in order for the demo to work. This demo was compiled with the beta 1.0 release of Java, so will not be viewable with HotJava. The Taubin's method will be incuded soon.

Try Out.....

About The Source..... This demo was written by Maurizio Pilu , University of Edinburgh.
The scruffy java source code is available on line. Click here to download it. Even if you don't know java, you will find amazingly easy to convert it to C or C++.
The applet's graphic interface was much inspired by the Curve Applet written by Michael Heinrichs at SFU, Vancouver. Some math routines were adapted from the "Numerical Recipes in C" by Press/Teukolsky/Vettering/Flannery, Cambridge Uiniversity Press, Second Edition (1988) and therefore the code is subject to that copyright. Mail the author if you want to know more about it.

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Maurizio Pilu, 19 Jul 1996.