Computer Vision/ Image Processing/ Machine Vision Courses

This page gives a summary of 60+ courses related to computer vision, image processing and machine vision from more than 60 universities worldwide. As well as this course list, we have also:

List of Courses

1. Asian Institute of Technology (AIT): Machine Vision for Robotics and HCI (Matthew Dailey)
2. Bilkent University: Image Analysis (Selim Aksoy)
3. Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences: Medical Image Processing (Ing. R. Herpers)
4. Boston University: Image and Video Computing (Margrit Betke)
5. Brown University: Introduction to Computer Vision (Michael J. Black)
6. Carnegie Mellon University: Computer Vision (Tai Sing Lee)
7. City College of New York: Computer Vision (Zhigang Zhu)
8. Columbia University: Digital Image Processing (Shih-Fu Chang)
9. Cornell University: Computer Vision (A. P. Reeves)
10. CVED: CVed's course lists (Bruce Maxwell)
11. Czech Tech. University: 3D Computer Vision (Radim Sara)
12. Czech Tech. University: Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision (Vasek Hlavac)
13. Czech Tech. University: Lectures in Computer Vision, Image Processing & Analysis (Vasek Hlavac)
14. Drexel University: Introduction to Computer Vision (Ko Nishino)
15. Duke University: Introduction to Computer Vision (Carlo Tomasi)
16. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL): Computer Vision (Pascal Fua)
17. Georgia Institute of Technology: Computer Vision (Jim Rehg)
18. Heriot-Watt University: Image Precessing (Katia Lebart & Yvan Petillot)
19. Institut de la Francophonie pour l'Informatique (IFI): Traitement d'images (in French) (Alain Boucher)
20. Institut de la Francophonie pour l'Informatique (IFI): Vision par ordinateur (in French) (Alain Boucher)
21. Institut Superieur d'Electronique de Paris (ISEP): Digital Image Processing (Florence Rossant)
22. Johns Hopkins University: Computer Vision (Gregory D. Hager)
23. Konstanz University: Digital Image Processing (Dietmar Saupe)
24. KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Digital Image Processing and Applications (Yifang Ban)
25. Lehigh University: Image Analysis and Graphics (X. Sharon Huang)
26. Linkoping University: Rotation & Phase Invariant Rep. of Local Image Structures (Michael Felsberg)
27. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Advances in Computer Vision (William T. Freeman)
28. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Computer Vision and Applications (Trevor Darrell)
29. Michigan State University: Computer Vision (George Stockman)
30.New York University: Live Image Processing and Performance (R. Luke DuBois)
31. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Cell & Tissue Image Analysis (Badri Roysam)
32. Saarland University: Image Processing and Computer Vision (Bernhard Burgeth)
33. Sharif University of Technology: Advanced Digital Image Processing (Lecturer)
34. Southern Illinois University: Image Analysis & Computer Vision (Scott E Umbaugh)
35. Stanford University: Digital Image Processing (Bernd Girod)
36. Stanford University: Digital Video Processing (John Apostolopoulos)
37. Tampere University of Technology: Digital Image Processing (Moncef Gabbouj)
38. Tel Aviv University: Selected Topics in Image Processing (Leonid Yaroslavsky)
39. Trinity College Dublin: Computer Vision (Kenneth Dawson-Howe & Gerard Lacey)
40. UC San Diego: Introduction to Computer Vision (David Kriegman)
41. University of Alberta: Introduction to Image Processing (Xiaobo Li)
42. University of Berkeley: Computer Vision (Trevor Darrell)
43. University of Birmingham: Computational Vision (Hamid Dehghani)
44. University of Cambridge: Computer Vision (John Daugman)
45. University of Copenhagen: 3D Computer Vision (Adrien Bartoli)
46. University of Dundee: Vision & Perception (Stephen McKenna & Manuel Trucco)
47. University of Edinburgh: Advanced Vision (Bob Fisher)
48. University of Edinburgh: Intro. to Vision & Robotics (Bob Fisher & Michael Herrmann)
49. University of Felorida: Image Processing and Computer Vision (Dapeng Wu)
50. University of Geneva: Advanced Image Processing (Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy)
51. University of Illinois: Image Processing (Minh N. Do)
52. University of Manchester: Advanced Machine Vision (A. Galata)
53. University of Minnesota: Computer Vision (Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)
54. University of Nevada, Reno: Computer Vision (George Bebis)
55. University of New South Wales: Computer Vision (Arcot Sowmya)
56. University of New South Wales: Computer Vision (Du Huynh)
57. University of North Carolina: Computer Vision (Svetlana Lazebnik)
58. University of Otago: Computer Vision (Brendan McCane)
59. University of Ottawa: Image Processing and Image Communication (Eric Dubois)
60. University of Oulu: Digital Image Processing (Matti Pietikainen)
61. University of Sussex: Advanced Computer Vision (David Young)
62. University of Texas at Austin: Special Topics in Computer Vision (Kristen Grauman)
63. University of Toronto: Topics in Vision: Visual Motion Analysis (David Fleet & Allan Jepson)
64. University of Washington: Computer Vision (Clark F. Olson)
65. University of Western Australia: Computer Vision (Du Huynh)
66. University of Wisconsin: Computer Vision (Chuck Dyer)
67. Yale University: Computational Vision and Biological Perception (Steven W. Zucker)

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