Public Code for machine learning

  1. Classification
    1. SVM softwares
    2. Decision Tree for classification
    3. LibOPF - C based supervised optimum-path forest classifier (Alexandre Falcao)
    4. Rule based classification
    5. K-nearest neighbor classifier
      Name Author Language
      Netlab Ian Nabney Matlab
      Dense K nearest neighbor Paul Komarek, Jeanie Komarek, Ting Liu and Andrew Moore C
      Sparse K nearest neighbor Paul Komarek, Jeanie Komarek, Ting Liu and Andrew Moore C
      LNKnet Classifiers MIT Lincoln Laboratory Modular algos with GUI
      K-NN (class package) - R
  2. Clustering
    1. K-Means
      Name Author Language
      Netlab Ian Nabney Matlab
      Bayesian K-means Kenichi Kurihara Matlab
      K-means Dan Pelleg and Andrew Moore C
      Efficient Algorithms for K-Means Clustering Tapas Kanungo, David M. Mount, Nathan S. Netanyahu, Christine D. Piatko, Ruth Silverman, and Angela Y. Wu C++
    2. ISODATA
      Name Author Language
      ISODATA Nargess Memarsadeghi, David M. Mount, Nathan S. Netanyahu, and Jacqueline Le Moigne C++
    3. Graph cut/Spectral clustering
      Name Author Language
      Graclus Yuqiang Guan C++
      SPECTRAL Neil Lawrence MATLAB
    4. Biclustering
      Name Author Language
      BicAT Simon Barkow, Stefan Bleuler and Eckart Zitzler JAVA
  3. Data Mining
    1. Data stream mining
      Name Author Language
      YALE(Yet Another Learning Environment) Rapid-I JAVA
    2. Data Mining
      Name Author Language
      Weka Eibe Frank, Mark Hall, and Len Trigg Java
  4. Dimensionality reduction
    1. PCA
      Name Author Language
      Netlab(also Mixtures of Probabilistic PCA) Ian Nabney Matlab
      prcomp - R
      SIDCA (PCA,ICA,more) Ioan Buciu exe executable
    2. ISOMAP
      Name Author Language
      ISOMAP J. B. Tenenbaum, V. de Silva and J. C. Langford MATLAB
    3. Local Linear Embedding
      Name Author Language
      LLE Sam T. Roweis MATLAB
  5. Ensemble learning methods
    1. Boosting
      Name Author Language
      BoosTexter Erin Allwein, Robert Schapire, and Yoram Singer Binary package
  6. Evolutionary Computation
    1. http://www.geneticprogramming.com/ga/GAsoftware.html
  7. Generative methods
    1. Bayesian Inference
      Name Author Language
      BUGS MRC Biostatistics Unit Cambridge Binary
  8. Hidden Markov models
    1. Kalman filter software
    2. Hidden markov model software
    3. Conditional Random Fields
      Name Author Language
      CRF Kevin Murphy MATLAB
      CRF Sunita Sarawagi JAVA
  9. Neural networks
    1. Neural Network softwares
    2. Radial Basis function networks
      Name Author Language
      Netlab Ian Nabney Matlab
      RBF networks Mark Orr Matlab
    3. Kohonen networks
      Name Author Language
      Ko C Alan Dix JAVA
      SOM_PAK Teuvo Kohonen, Jussi Hynninen, Jari Kangas, and Jorma Laaksonen C++
      SOM Toolbox Helsinki University of Technology MATLAB
      QCON Java Framework Dominik Kapusta JAVA
  10. Parameter estimation/Optimization techniques
    1. Numerical Optimization
  11. Regression
    1. Gaussian process
    2. Local regression and likelihood
    3. Sparse Bayesian regression and classification Mike Tipping
    4. Regression tree
      Name Author Language
      Guide Wei-Yin Loh Binary for Win, Linux and Mac
      Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Hugh Chipman and Robert McCulloch R
  12. Reinforcement Learning / Q-learning
    1. Reinforcement learning
  13. Significant applications
    1. Machine learning for text processing
      Name Author Language
      MALLET Andrew McCallum et. al. JAVA
    2. RANSAC
      Name Author Language
      RANSAC Kirill Marinichev MATLAB
  14. Miscellaneous
    1. Spider Machine learning object oriented Matlab software

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