Public datasets for Statistical Pattern Recognition

  1. The Data and Story Library Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Medical Datasets Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University
  3. JSE Data Archive An International Journal on the Teaching and Learning of Statistics
  4. OzDASL - Australasian Data and Story Library statsci.org
  5. UCLA Statistics Data Sets UCLA, Dept of Statistics
  6. Time Series Data Library Robert Hyndman, Monash University
  7. UCI Machine Learning Repository Collection of benchmark datasets for regression and classification tasks
  8. UCI KDD Archive Extended version of UCI datasets
  9. DELVE datasets Platform for comparative assessment of regression and classification tasks
  10. Nonlinear dimensinality reduction
  11. DMOZ open directory collection of links for different datasets
  12. Google directory collection of links for different datasets
  13. ChemDB chemical data that can be used as datasets for machine learning
  14. Golem dataset trying to learn rules for prediction

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