Edinburgh Kitchen Utensil Database

bread knife dessert spoon dinner fork fish slice
bread knife dessert spoon dinner fork fish slice

This database consists of 897 raw and binary images of 20 categories of kitchen utensil. Each utensil and instance is different. Click to find out more and download zip files for all raw images, all binary images and both together. The motivation for the database is to have a resource for training future domestic assistance robots, who will need to be familiar with the most common kitchen and table eating utensils.

ItemNumber of images
Bottle Opener30
Bread Knife24
Can Opener19
Dessert Spoon33
Dinner Fork59
Dinner Knife51
Fish Slice82
Kitchen Knife39
Pizza Cutter16
Potato Peeler22
Serving Spoon84
Soup Spoon27
Tea Spoon105
Wooden Spoon62

You are free to use the database, but if you publish anything based on the image data, please use this acknowledgement:
We thank the D. Fullerton, A. Goel, R. B. Fisher for the use of the Edinburgh Kitchen Utensil Database. There is a brief report about the acquisition of the images and an initial exploration of automatic recognition by Arushi Goel.


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