In 2012-13 I plan to be lecturing on the following courses (roll cursor for details).

Informatics 1: Cognitive Science (15 hours). This is the first-year course that began with the recent introduction of the Cognitive Science undergraduate degrees in Informatics and in PPLS.

Marxist Psychology (10 hours). This fourth-year option in Psychology is entering its third year and deals with the materialist approach to understanding abstraction, theorising, and model construction in Cognitive Psychology. It features topics such as the Vygotskyean tradition in child development; Mesheryakov and cognition in the profoundly deaf-blind; the IQ debate.

Language Behaviours, Brains, and Cognition: Principles and Approaches (10 hours).

Language Behaviours, Brains, and Cognition: Theory and Data (10 hours). These MSc-level courses in PPLS take the place of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Visual Word Recognition MSc courses I taught up to 2011-12.

All course materials are available for registered students on WebCT (to become Learn 9 shortly).

I also run fourth-year undergraduate and MSc projects in PPLS and Informatics.

This last year, I have been running a Speaking Up group designed to enable students to make better tutorial and seminar contributions.