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A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach for Controlling Autonomous Mobile Manipulators, F. Rovida, V. Krueger, L. Nalpantidis, A. Charzoule, A. Lasnier, R. Petrick, M. Crosby, C. Toscano, and G. Veiga, Proceedings of the International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and Support Technologies for Mobile Machines (CLAWAR 2016), Workshop on Collaborative Robots for Industrial Applications, pages 169-177, 2016.

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Cognitive robots have started to find their way into manufacturing halls. However, the full potential of these robots can only be exploited through an integration into the automation pyramid so that the system is able to communicate with the manufacturing execution system (MES). Integrating the robot with the MES allows the robot to gain access to the manufacturing environment and process data so that it can perform its task without human intervention. This paper describes the mobile robotic manipulator developed in the EU project STAMINA, which has been integrated with an existing MES and its application in a kitting task from the automative industry.