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Using Kernel Perceptrons to Learn Action Effects for Planning, K. Mourão, R. Petrick, and M. Steedman, Proceedings of the International Conference on Cognitive Systems (CogSys 2008), pages 45-50, 2008.

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We investigate the problem of learning action effects in STRIPS and ADL planning domains. Our approach is based on a kernel perceptron learning model, where action and state information is encoded in a compact vector representation as input to the learning mechanism, and resulting state changes are produced as output. Empirical results of our approach indicate efficient training and prediction times, with low average error rates (<3%) when tested on STRIPS and ADL versions of an object manipulation scenario. This work is part of a project to integrate machine learning techniques with a planning system, as part of a larger cognitive architecture linking a high-level reasoning component with a low-level robot/vision system.