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Workshop paper

Combining Cognitive Vision, Knowledge-Level Planning with Sensing, and Execution Monitoring for Effective Robot Control, R. Petrick, D. Kraft, N. Krüger, and M. Steedman, Proceedings of the ICAPS 2009 Workshop on Planning and Plan Execution for Real-World Systems, pages 58-65, 2009.

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We describe an approach to robot control in real-world environments that integrates a cognitive vision system with a knowledge-level planner and plan execution monitor. Our approach makes use of a formalism called an Object-Action Complex (OAC) to overcome some of the representational differences that arise between the low-level control mechanisms and high-level reasoning components of the system. We are particularly interested in using OACs as a formalism that enables us to induce certain aspects of the representation, suitable for planning, through the robot's interaction with the world. Although this work is at a preliminary stage, we have implemented our ideas in a framework that supports object discovery, planning with sensing, action execution, and failure recovery, with the long term goal of designing a system that can be transferred to other robot platforms and planners.