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System demonstration

Planning for Sustainable and Reliable Robotic Part Handling in Manufacturing Automation, F. Rovida, V. Krueger, C. Toscano, G. Veiga, M. Crosby, and R. Petrick, ICAPS 2016 System Demonstration, 2016.

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Cognitive robots, able to adapt their actions based on sensory information and the management of uncertainty, have begun to find their way into manufacturing settings. However, the full potential of these robots has not been fully exploited, largely due to the lack of vertical integration with existing IT infrastructures. This system demonstration reports on findings from the research project STAMINA that is developing such a cognitive cyber-physical system and applying it to a concrete and well-known use case from the automotive industry. We focus on the high-level reasoning components in our framework consisting of a logistic planner, which acts as the central information provider in the system; a mission planner, which is tasked with creating and assigning initial high-level plans and goals to the robots in the fleet; and a task planner, which is responsible for managing planning activities for individual robots. Additionally, the robot fleet uses a skills framework which modularises robot capabilities into high-level, symbolic planning actions.