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Social State Recognition and Knowledge-Level Planning for Human-Robot Interaction in a Bartender Domain, R. Petrick, M.E. Foster, and A. Isard, poster from the 33rd Language at Edinburgh Lunch, University of Edinburgh, 8 June, 2012.

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We present preliminary work focusing on the problem of combining social interaction with task-based action in a dynamic, multiagent bartending domain, using an embodied robot. We show how the users' spoken input is interpreted, discuss how social states are inferred from the parsed speech together with low-level information from the vision system, and present a planning approach that models task, dialogue, and social actions in a simple bartending scenario. This approach allows us to build interesting plans, which have been evaluated in a real-world study, using a general purpose, off-the-shelf planner, as an alternative to more mainstream methods of interaction management.