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Workshop paper

Integrating Mission, Logistics, and Task Planning for Skills-Based Robot Control in Industrial Kitting Applications, M. Crosby, R. Petrick, C. Toscano, R. Dias, F. Rovida, and V. Krüger, Proceedings of the Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group (PlanSIG 2016), 2016.

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This paper presents an integrated cognitive robotics system for industrial kitting operations in a modern factory setting. The robot system combines low-level robot control and execution monitoring with automated mission and task planning, and a logistics planner which communicates with the factory's manufacturing execution system. The system has been implemented and tested on a series of automotive kitting problems, where collections of parts are picked from a warehouse and delivered to the production line. The system has been empirically evaluated and the complete framework shown to be successful at assembling kits in a small factory environment.