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Planning Challenges 2.0, A. Koller, G. Tack, and R. Petrick, a position paper originally submitted to the 2010 International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2010), unpublished, 2009.

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We revisit the structure of the International Planning Competition (IPC) and propose a new "rolling" competition as a permanent fixture for the planning community. A central competition server would continually evaluate planners and generate performance data, while members of the community could directly upload new planners and problem domains, with the server automatically reevaluating existing planners as necessary. Real-time results would continuously be available, while more formal competitions could be "run" at regular intervals by producing snapshots of current planners and problems. Researchers would have access to a central repository with the latest domains and performance data, running on a common hardware platform, plus a social networking forum for posting challenges, announcing new technologies, and discussion. Since much of the proposed infrastructure is not tied to a specific research area, this approach offers the possibility of joint ventures with other research communities.