Mattias Appelgren

I am a PhD student in the Institute of Language Cognition and Computation at University of Edinburgh supervised by Alex Lascarides. I am trying to teach agents through interaction (Interactive Task Learning). In particular I am working on making use of coherence to constrain possible interpretations of teacher feedback, explotining this to update an agent's model of the world and the task.

I am originally from Sweden but moved to Edinburgh to do my undergraduate and masters degrees in Informatics.


Learning Plans by Acquiring Grounded Linguistic Meanings from Corrections
**Nominated for Best Paper Award**
Mattias Appelgren, Alex Lascarides
Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems, 2019

Coherence, Symbol Grounding and Interactive Task Learning
Mattias Appelgren, Alex Lascarides
SemDial, 2019

Language Transfer for Early Warning of Epidemics from Social Media
Mattias Appelgren, Patrick Schrempf, Matúš Falis, Satoshi Ikeda, Alison Q. O'Neil
Accepted HADR+AI workshop, NeurIPS, 2019
Work done at Canon Medical Research

Interactive task learning via embodied corrective feedback
Mattias Appelgren, Alex Lascarides
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 34 (2), 1-45 (2020)


Office: Room 3.25, Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB