I'm Maria, a posgraduate Data Science CDT student at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Andy Gordon and Charles Sutton.

My broad interests range from programming languages and verification, to machine learning and human-computer interaction. More specifically, I'm interested in probabilistic programming languages, and in exploring ways of applying program-analysis techniques to existing PPLs in order to improve usability of the language or efficiency of inference. During my PhD, I have been working on these topics in relation to the probabilistic programming languages Stan and Edward2.

Previously, I was a Research Assistant (Predoc) in the Graphics and Interaction Group at the University of Cambridge. My work there was focused on improving the way in which data in the healthcare sector is manipulated and analysed, by bringing the power of programming by example to spreadsheets. Earlier, I received my BA from University of Cambridge (June 2015), where for my final year project I developed an IDE for Probabilistic Programming.