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Hi! I'm Christof Schlaak,

a second year PhD Student at the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA) at the University of Edinburgh on the topic 'High-Level Synthesis of Neural Networks for FPGAs with LIFT' (read more). I am a member of the Compiler and Architecture Design (CArD) group. My research is supervised by Christophe Dubach and Aaron Smith and is supported with a PhD scholarship by Microsoft Research.


🎂1991|in Osnabrück, Germany
🎓2014|B.Sc. Informatics in Oldenburg, Germany
🎓2016|M.Sc. Informatics with focus on embedded systems in Oldenburg, Germany
🔍2018|Researcher at OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology in the group Safety & Security Oriented Design Methods & Processes
📝now |PhD under construction …

research interests

FPGA, concurrency, high-performance computing, performance portability, low-power computing, code generation, high-level programming, compiler, hardware design, neural networks