SpeakerSiddharth Narayanaswamy
DateOct 03, 2013
Time11:00AM 12:00PM
LocationIF-4.31 / IF-4.33
TitleCompositionality in Vision and Language

Compositionality can be found almost everywhere onelooks. It is manifest in as diverse a range of entities as objects around us,the languages we use, and even our actions and interactions with the world. Mywork involves exploring and exploiting the general nature of suchcompositionality, often across multiple modalities, to solve deep and complexproblems in perception.

I demonstrate such ability in a variety of domainsincluding part-based structures, board games, and activity recognition. I also showevidence for a particular kind of compositionality in how the brain perceivesthe world, lending further credence to the ubiquity and utility of compositionality.


Siddharth received his B.E. degree in Electronicsand Communication Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India in 2008 andis a Ph.D. student in the ECE department at Purdue University. His researchinterests include artificial intelligence, computer vision, computationallinguistics, machine learning, robotics, cognitive science, and cognitiveneuroscience.



Please note that this is a joint seminar talk with IPAB:


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