This is a list of past ILCC speakers that was salvaged from the old web server of ILCC. It can serve as an alibi for any speaker in need!

Trevor Cohn Jan 21, 2011IF-4.31/33Bayesian non-parametric models of parsing, translation and part-of-speech induction
Danushka Bollegala May 20, 2011IF-4.31/33Relation Adaptation: Learning to Extract Novel Relations with Minimum Supervision.
Lluis Marquez Jun 03, 2011IF-G.03Semantic Role Labeling. Generalizing Lexical Features using Selectional Preferences.
Aaron Quigley Oct 07, 2011IF-4.31/33Challenges in Social Network Visualisation.
Marketa Lopatkova Oct 21, 2011IF-G.03Semantic Similarity and Syntactic Variability: Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs.
Kathy McCoy Oct 27, 2011IF-4.31/33SceneTalker: A Research-Driven, Utterance-Based System Design for AAC.
Blaise Thomson Nov 04, 2011IF-4.31/33Expectation propagation for modelling user behaviour in spoken dialogues.
Laura Rimell Nov 18, 2011Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room OneMulti-way Tensor Factorization for the Unsupervised Induction of Subcategorization Frames
Joakim Nivre Mar 02, 2012IF-4.31/33Beyond MaltParser -- Recent Advances in Transition-Based Dependency Parsing
Ivan Titov Mar 16, 2012IF-G03Inducing Shallow Semantic Representations with Little or No Supervision
Martha Palmer Apr 13, 2012IF-4.31/33Beyond Shallow Semantics
Laurence T Maloney Apr 16, 2012S1.7, George SquareBayesian decision theory and the planning of actions: learning, representing and making use of information about motor uncertainty
Stephen Clark May 10, 2012IF4.31/33Linguistic Steganography: Information Hiding in Text
Dong Yu Jun 25, 2012IF-4.31/33Why Deep Neural Networks Are Promising for Speech Recognition
Nathaniel Smith Oct 05, 2012IF-4.31/33Probabilistic prediction in human language processing
Andreas Vlachos Oct 12, 2012IF-4.31/33Search-based Structured Prediction applied to Biomedical Event Extraction
Sebastian Riedel Mar 01, 2013IF-4.31/33Relation Extraction with Matrix Factorization and Universal Schemas
Matthew Stone Mar 25, 2013IF-4.31/33Coherence in Practical Discourse
Louis-Philippe Morency Aug 29, 2013IF-2.33Modeling Human Communication Dynamics: From Depression Assessment to Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Chris Lucas Sep 27, 2013IF-4.31 / IF-4.33Bayes net models of counterfactual reasoning
Siddharth Narayanaswamy Oct 03, 2013IF-4.31 / IF-4.33Compositionality in Vision and Language
Siddharth Narayanaswamy Oct 03, 2013IF-4.31 / IF-4.33Compositionality in Vision and Language
Annie Foret Oct 25, 2013IF-4.31 / IF-4.33On some classes of Categorial Grammars and on Logical Information Systems
Antoine Bordes Nov 15, 2013IF-4.31/33Modeling Large-Scale Knowledge Bases and Connecting Them to Text
Tatsuya Kawahara Nov 21, 2013IF-3.07 (IMR)Automatic transcription system for the Japanese Parliament (Diet)
Una Stojnic Dec 09, 2013IF-3.07 IMRDiscourse and Logical Form
Fabio Massimo Zanzotto Dec 13, 2013IF-4.31 / IF-4.33Distributed Tree Kernels and Distributional Semantics: between Syntactic Structures and Compositional Distributional Semantics
Marta Ruiz Costa-jussà Jan 24, 2014IF-4.31/4.33Advances in the Integration of Morphology, Syntax and Semantics in Statistical Machine Translation
Tony Robinson Jan 31, 2014IF-4.31/4.33Will recurrent neural network language models scale?
Kate Knill Feb 14, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Investigation of multilingual speech-to-text systems for use in spoken term detection
Michael Strube Feb 28, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Issues I Don't Understand about Coreference and Coherence
Alexis Palmer Mar 07, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Situation Entities and Discourse Modes
Stefan Riezler Mar 14, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Theoretical and Practical Grounding in Empirical Computational Linguistics
Adam Lopez Mar 24, 2014IF 4.31/4.33A Formal Model of Semantics-Preserving Translation
Marine Carpuat Apr 21, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Context models for meaning-preserving machine translation
Ruslan Salakhutidnov May 05, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Models (Technical Talk)
Slav Petrov May 05, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Towards Universal Natural Language Processing
Ruslan Salakhutidnov May 06, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Models
Barbara Grosz May 22, 2014IF G.07Health Care Coordination and Health Literacy: The Need for Smart Multi-agent Systems
Eva Vecci May 23, 2014IF4.31/4.33Adjective modification in compositional distributional semantics
Vittorio Ferrari May 30, 2014IF 4.31/4.33Training object class detectors from eye tracking data
Jan Hajac Feb 05, 2015IF 4.31/33Abstract Meaning Representation: comparing languages and their representations
Roland Kuhn Apr 20, 2015IF 4.31/4.33Two Methods for Exploiting Richer Source Information in SMT
Christian Hardmeier Apr 24, 2015IF 4.31/4.33Pronominal Anaphora in Statistical Machine Translation
Detmar Meurers Sep 04, 2015IF 4.31/4.33Readability analysis as an exploration of linguistic complexity
Noah Goodman Sep 25, 2015IF 4.31/4.33Uncertainty in language and thought
Oscar Täckström Dec 03, 2015Informatics forum 4.31/33Efficient Constrained Inference and Structured Neural Networks for Semantic Role Labeling
Ekaterina Shutova Dec 04, 2015IF4.31/4.33Statistical modelling of metaphor