Ian Stark

On Executable Models of Molecular Evolution

Marek Kwiatkowski and Ian Stark

In Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology WCSB 2011, Z├╝rich, Switzerland, 6–9 June 2011, TICSP Report 57, pages 105–108. Tampere International Centre for Signal Processing, 2011.

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Systems biology can provide unique insights into molecular evolution, but most existing work in this domain uses one-off methods and tools. In this paper, we advocate development of generic frameworks for evolutionary systems biology and discuss in some detail key characteristics it should possess to be most applicable and useful. We offer one such framework ourselves, and evaluate it with a case study of a mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade.

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This research was supported by an EPSRC studentship, the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, and The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics.

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