Head and shoulders photo of Vashti Galpin

Vashti Galpin

Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

ORCID: 0000-0001-8914-1122

BScHons MSc(Wits) PhD(Edin)

Cape Wine Master

Current Research Interests

  • Provenance and data quality
  • Programming languages and databases
  • Quantitative modelling and performance evaluation
  • Concurrency, process algebras and formats



Older links (with abstracts and documents)

Vashti Galpin <Vashti.Galpin@ed.ac.uk>
Vashti Galpin <vashti@gaon.net>
Image of title slide: Supporting the curation of scientific data with Links and temporal databases

Slides from a recent presentation giving an overview of current work         

Poster with title 'Temporal data management for data stewardship: advancing provenance in reuseability'

Poster presented at SciDataCon 2022 at International Data Week 2022.       

Poster with title 'Links between temporal databases and curation'

Poster presented at RDA Plenary 17.    Slides presented at IDCC 2021.      

Poster with title 'Where software meets hardware: verifying performance impacts of micro-architecture vulnerability mitigations'
CARMA micro-architecture model (CARMA installation instructions)      Poster with title 'Covert timing channel attacks and mitigations in software-defined networking'
CARMA SDN fat-tree topology models