Programming Competition 2019


November 2019

Sponsored by Galois


23 entries by 26 students

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Fourth Prize

Ruibo Zhang & Jingming Cheng & Haobo Yang

Turtle Graphics

Third prizes

Third Prize 1/12

Jan Kocka

Julia Num

Third Prize 2/12

Jonathan Gustafsson Frennert

Colorful Mandelbulbs

Third Prize 3/12

Thanakrit Anutrakulchai

Sierpinski Triangle

Third Prize 4/12

Simen Werstad

Irregular polygons

Third Prize 5/12

David Daubner

Multiplication Circle

Third Prize 6/12

Vladimir Hanin

Computional Graphs

Third Prize 7/12

Haobo Yang

Veen Diagram

Third Prize 8/12

Wenxuan Li

Mandelbrot Set

Third Prize 9/12

Ivan Zhong

Bezier Curves with Colour Transformation

Third Prize 10/12

Leonard Ou

Julia Set - Newton - Mandelbrot

Third Prize 11/12

Sabnis Jai

Tatooine: Land of Two Suns

Third Prize 12/12

Qi Zhou

Lorenz Attractor

Second prizes

Second Prize - Special Award

Li Ka Wing


Second Prize 1/6

Hefan Wang

Boundary of Wave and Particle

Second Prize 2/6

Oladapo Femi

A Colourful Maze

Second Prize 3/6

Zhan Selina


Second Prize 4/6

Niklas Burggraaff

Mandala & Sorting

Second Prize 5/6

Sam Majumder

Ray Marching

Second Prize 6/6

Franz Miltz

String Visualizer

First prizes

(£25 Book Token, each)

First Prize 1/3

Royall Copeland

Real-time Gravity Simulation

First Prize 2/3

Nicholas Zhang


First Prize 3/3

Filip Balucha & Advaith Sai & Paul Clavier

Fractal Visions

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