Links Lunch Map

Edinburgh is home of many excellent dining establishments, and here is a limited selection of those near Buccleuch Place, where the Links meeting will be taking place.

Map of places to eat lunch

Restaurant Descriptions

  1. Anna Purna: High quality vegetarian Indian restaurant on St. Patrick's Square. Go through Buccleuch Pend (a small tunnel directly across Buccleuch St.) to get there from Buccleuch Place.
  2. Lagermans's: Directly across the street from Buccleuch Place, offers quick coffee and sandwiches.
  3. Phenecia: Excellent selection of Mediterranean and North African food.
  4. King's Balti: Another large Indian restaurant with a selection of curries.
  5. Coyoba: Edinburgh's only Jamaican restaurant, with specialities such as jerk chicken.
  6. Brazilian Sensation: Small Brazilian food establishment with excellent fruit shakes.
  7. Di Niro's Ristorante: Fine Italian dining
  8. Golden House: Cheap Chinese food, the favourite of many programmers.
  9. Susie's Whole Food Diner: Organic and vegan specialities, with varied salads and herbal teas.
  10. Buffalo Grill: Tex-Mexican steaks and burgers.
  11. Kildare's: Pub with a large "soup and sandwich" lunch menu.
  12. Original Khushi's and Native State: Two large connected restaurants serve everything from curry to burgers.