Alex Lascarides' Research Interests

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My research is in theoretical and computational linguistics. Most of my work is in formal semantics and pragmatics, although I have also applied machine learning techniques to various interpretation tasks.

I am mainly interested in natural language interpretation. I focus much of my research on modelling discourse coherence and its interaction with semantics. I'm involved in developing formal models of semantics that use techniques from commonsense reasoning, dynamic semantics and semantic underspecification. I'm also involved in building dialogue systems, using a combination of symbolic and statistical methods.

Much of my research is the result of collaborations with colleagues in various disciplines, including Nicholas Asher (Texas), Jason Baldridge (Austin), Ann Copestake (Cambridge), Claire Grover (Edinburgh), Markus Guhe, Alexander Koller (Saarbrucken), Mirella Lapata (Edinburgh), Caroline Sporleder (Saarbrucken) and Matthew Stone (Rutgers).

I am particularly interested in the following areas:

You can find papers on all these topics here.