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There is a PMRG mail list for those involved. Please mail to join or leave. Mail can be distributed to members using

There are many Web resources available to probabilistic modellers. The following few pointers might be helpful

Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Probabilistic Methods in AI Course

bayes.html: An outline of Bayesian methods with some information on the junction tree algorithm.

Jordan, M.I, Ghahramani, Z., Jaakkola, T.S., and Saul, L.K. (1998) An introduction to variational methods for graphical models. This paper also has an introduction with an outline of the junction tree method.

Kalman filters are a common and fast probabilistic model for real valued sequences. The following Kalman filter website has a number of good resources.


For a good introduction to probabilistic graphical models see:

Castillo E., J. M. Gutierrez and A. S. Hadi (1997) Expert Systems and Probabilistic Network Models. Springer.

Unfortunately Edinburgh University Library does not appear to stock this book. It can be ordered from bookshops at 37.50 pounds sterling.