CVonline: Edges

Direct feature extraction from compressed images (Bo Shen, Ishwar K. Sethi)
Convolution-based edge detection for image/video in block DCT domain (B. Shen, I. K. Sethi)
Fast Extraction of Edge Histogram in DCT Domain based on MPEG7 (Minyoung Eom, Yoonsik Choe)
Extracting Shape Features in JPEG-2000 Compressed Images (Jianmin Jiang, Baofeng Guo, Pengjie Li)
An effective approach to edge classification from DCT domain (Hongliang Li, Guizhong Liu, Yongli Li)
Image compression algorithm using local edge detection (A. Aggoun, A. El-Mabrouk)
Edge detection (Wikipedia)

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