CVonline: Databases

USC Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography database publication summary (Keith Price)
Computer Vision Homepage list of test image databases (Carnegie Mellon Univ)
PEIPA Image Database Summary (Pilot European Image Processing Archive)
2.5D/3D Datasets of various objects and scenes (Ajmal Mian)
3D mesh watermarking benchmark dataset (Guillaume Lavoue)
Active Appearance Models datasets (Mikkel B. Stegmann)
Aerial color image dataset (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
Alpert et al. Segmentation evaluation database (Sharon Alpert, Meirav Galun, Ronen Basri, Achi Brandt)
AMOS: Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes (20+m) (Nathan Jacobs)
Amsterdam Library of Object Images (ALOI): 100K views of 1K objects (University of Amsterdam/Intelligent Sensory Information Systems)
Audio-visual database for face and speaker recognition (Mobile Biometry MOBIO
AVSS07: Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance 2007 datasets (Andrea Cavallaro)
BANCA face and voice database (Univ of Surrey)
BEHAVE Interacting Person Video Data with markup (Scott Blunsden, Bob Fisher, Aroosha Laghaee)
Berkeley Segmentation Dataset and Benchmark (David Martin and Charless Fowlkes)
Binghampton Univ 3D static and dynamic facial expression database (Lijun Yin, Peter Gerhardstein and teammates)
BioID face database (BioID group)
Brown Univ Large Binary Image Database (Ben Kimia)
Brown Univ 25/99/216 Shape Databases (Ben Kimia)
Caltech 101 (now 256) category object recognition database (Li Fei-Fei, Marco Andreeto, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato)
Caltech Pedestrian Dataset (P. Dollar, C. Wojek, B. Schiele and P. Perona)
Cambridge Motion-based Segmentation and Recognition Dataset (Brostow, Shotton, Fauqueur, Cipolla)
CANTATA Video and Image Database Index site (Multitel)
CASIA gait database (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
CASIA-IrisV3 (Chinese Academy of Sciences, T. N. Tan, Z. Sun)
CAVIAR project video sequences with tracking and behavior ground truth (CAVIAR team/Edinburgh University - EC project IST-2001-37540)
Chars74K dataset - 74 English and Kannada characters (Teo de Campos -
CMU Pose, Illumination, and Expression (PIE) Database (Simon Baker)
CMU Facial Expression Database (CMU/MIT)
CMU/MIT Frontal Faces (CMU/MIT)
CMU/MIT Frontal Faces (CMU/MIT)
COLD (COsy Localization Database) - place localization (Ullah, Pronobis, Caputo, Luo, and Jensfelt)
Color texture images by category (
Columbia Camera Response Functions: Database (DoRF) and Model (EMOR) (M.D. Grossberg and S.K. Nayar)
Columbia COIL-100 3D object multiple views (Columbia University)
Columbia Database of Contaminants' Patterns and Scattering Parameters (Jinwei Gu, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Peter Belhumeur, Shree Nayar)
Columbia Multispectral Image Database (F. Yasuma, T. Mitsunaga, D. Iso, and S.K. Nayar)
Columbia-Utrecht Reflectance and Texture Database (Columbia & Utrecht Universities)
CVBASE06: annotated sports videos (Janez Pers)
Daimler Pedestrian Detection Benchmark - 21790 images with 56492 pedestrians plus empty scenes (M. Enzweiler, D. M. Gavrila)
Dense outdoor correspondence ground truth datasets, for optical flow and local keypoint evaluation (Christoph Strecha)
Densely sampled object views: 2500 views of 2 objects, eg for view-based recognition and modeling (Gabriele Peters, Universiteit Dortmund)
Dermoscopy images (Eric Ehrsam)
DIADEM: Digital Reconstruction of Axonal and Dendritic Morphology Competition (Allen Institute for Brain Science et al)
Driver Monitoring Video Dataset (RobeSafe + Jesus Nuevo-Chiquero)
DTU controlled motion and lighting image dataset (135K images) (Henrik Aanaes)
DynTex: Dynamic texture database (Renaud Piteri, Mark Huiskes and Sandor Fazekas)
Edinburgh overhead camera person tracking dataset (Bob Fisher, Bashia Majecka, Gurkirt Singh, Rowland Sillito)
EISATS: .enpeda.. Image Sequence Analysis Test Site (Auckland University Multimedia Imaging Group)
ETISEO Video Surveillance Download Datasets (INRIA Orion Team and others)
Eyetracking database summary (Stefan Winkler)
Face video sequences (295): The extended M2VTS Database (XM2VTS) - (Surrey University)
Face Recognition Grand Challenge datasets (FRVT - Face Recognition Vendor Test)
FaceTracer Database - 15,000 faces (Neeraj Kumar, P. N. Belhumeur, and S. K. Nayar)
Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) Database (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology)
FDDB: Face Detection Data set and Benchmark - studying unconstrained face detection (University of Massachusetts Computer Vision Laboratory)
FG-Net Aging Database of faces at different ages (Face and Gesture Recognition Research Network)
FVC fingerpring verification competition 2002 dataset (University of Bologna)
FVC fingerpring verification competition 2004 dataset (University of Bologna)
Geometric Context - scene interpretation images (Derek Hoiem)
GrabCut Image database (C. Rother, V. Kolmogorov, A. Blake, M. Brown)
GRAZ-02 Database (Bikes, cars, people) (A. Pinz)
Hand gesture and marine silhouettes (Euripides G.M. Petrakis)
Human Actions and Scenes Dataset (Marcin Marszalek, Ivan Laptev, Cordelia Schmid)
HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion (Brown University)
Hyperspectral images of natural scenes - 2002 (David H. Foster)
Hyperspectral images of natural scenes - 2004 (David H. Foster)
i3DPost Multi-View Human Action Datasets (Hansung Kim)
IAPR TC-12 Image Benchmark (Michael Grubinger)
IAPR-TC12 Segmented and annotated image benchmark (SAIAPR TC-12): (Hugo Jair Escalante)
IDIAP Hand pose/gesture datasets (Sebastien Marcel)
Image/video quality assessment database summary (Stefan Winkler)
ImageCLEF 2010 Concept Detection and Annotation Task (Stefanie Nowak)
ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (Alex Berg, Jia Deng, Fei-Fei Li)
INRIA feature detector evaluation sequences (Krystian Mikolajczyk)
INRIA's PERCEPTION's database of images and videos gathered with several synchronized and calibrated cameras (INRIA Rhone-Alpes)
INRIA Person Dataset (Navneet Dalal)
INRIA's Synchronized and calibrated binocular/binaural data sets with head movements (INRIA Rhone-Alpes)
Japanese Female Facial Expression (JAFFE) Database (Michael J. Lyons)
HIPR2 Image Catalogue of different types of images (Bob Fisher et al)
i-LIDS video event image dataset (Imagery library for intelligent detection systems) (Paul Hosner)
ImageNet Linguistically organised (WordNet) Hierarchical Image Database - 10E7 images, 15K categories (Li Fei-Fei, Jia Deng, Hao Su, Kai Li)
ISMAR09 ground truth video dataset for template-based (i.e. planar) tracking algorithms (Sebastian Lieberknecht)
KTH human action recognition database (KTH CVAP lab)
LabelMe images database and online annotation tool (Bryan Russell, Antonio Torralba, Kevin Murphy, William Freeman)
Leuven road dataset (Univ of Leuven and Oxford-Brookes)
LFW: Labeled Faces in the Wild - studying unconstrained face recognition (University of Massachusetts Computer Vision Laboratory)
Linkoping 3D Object Pose Estimation Database (Fredrik Viksten and Per-Erik Forssen)
Linkoping Rolling Shutter Rectification Dataset (Per-Erik Forssen and Erik Ringaby)
Lotus Hill Image Database Collection with Ground Truth (Sealeen Ren, Benjamin Yao, Michael Yang)
Manchester Annotated Talking Face Video Dataset (Timothy Cootes)
McGill Calibrated Colour Image Database (Adriana Olmos and Fred Kingdom)
McGill 3D Shape Benchmark (Siddiqi, Zhang, Macrini, Shokoufandeh, Bouix, Dickinson)
Microsoft Object Class Recognition image databases (Antonio Criminisi, Pushmeet Kohli, Tom Minka, Carsten Rother, Toby Sharp, Jamie Shotton, John Winn)
Microsoft salient object databases (labeled by bounding boxes) (Liu, Sun Zheng, Tang, Shum)
Middlebury College stereo vision research datasets (Daniel Scharstein and Richard Szeliski)
MiniMammographic Database (Mammographic Image Analysis Society)
MIT Collation of Face Databases (Ethan Meyers)
MIT CBCL Car Data (Center for Biological and Computational Learning)
MIT CBCL Face Recognition Database (Center for Biological and Computational Learning)
MIT CBCL Pedestrian Data (Center for Biological and Computational Learning)
MIT CBCL StreetScenes Challenge Framework: (Stan Bileschi)
MIT CBCL Automated Mouse Behavior Recognition datasets (Nicholas Edelman)
MIT eye tracking database (1003 images) (Judd et al)
MORPH (Craniofacial Longitudinal Morphological Face Database) (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
Multiview stereo images with laser based groundtruth (ESAT-PSI/VISICS,FGAN-FOM,EPFL/IC/ISIM/CVLab)
NEC Toy animal object recognition or categorization database (Hossein Mobahi)
NIST fingerprint databases (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST mugshot identification database (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST SHREC 2010 - Shape Retrieval Contest of Non-rigid 3D Models (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST SHREC - other NIST retieval contest databases and links (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation Database (USA National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NORB 50 toy image database (NYU)
Notre Dame Iris Image Dataset (Patrick J. Flynn)
NRCS natural resource/agricultural image database (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)
Occlusion detection test data (Andrew Stein)
The Open Video Project (Gary Marchionini, Barbara M. Wildemuth, Gary Geisler, Yaxiao Song)
OTCBVS Thermal Imagery Benchmark Dataset Collection (Ohio State Team)
ORL face database: 40 people with 10 views (ATT Cambridge Labs)
Oulu Texture Database (Oulu University)
Oxford: faces, flowers, multi-view, buildings, object categories, motion segmentation, affine covariant regions, misc (Oxford Visual Geometry Group)
Oxford TV based human interactions (Oxford Visual Geometry Group)
PASCAL Image Database (motorbikes, cars, cows) (PASCAL Consortium)
PASCAL 2007 Challange Image Database (motorbikes, cars, cows) (PASCAL Consortium)
PASCAL 2008 Challange Image Database (PASCAL Consortium)
PASCAL 2009 Challange Image Database (PASCAL Consortium)
PASCAL 2010 Challange Image Database (PASCAL Consortium)
PASCAL 2010 Challange Image Database (PASCAL Consortium)
PETS: Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance (Reading University & James Ferryman)
PETS Winter 2009 workshop data (Reading University & James Ferryman)
PETS 2009 Crowd Challange dataset (Reading University & James Ferryman)
Pics 'n' Trails - Dataset of Continuously archived GPS and digital photos (Gamhewage Chaminda de Silva)
Princeton Shape Benchmark (Princeton Shape Retrieval and Analysis Group)
PubFig: Public Figures Face Database (Neeraj Kumar, Alexander C. Berg, Peter N. Belhumeur, and Shree K. Nayar)
RAWSEEDS SLAM benchmark datasets (Rawseeds Project)
Validation and Verification of Neural Network Systems (Francesco Vivarelli)
Rochester Activities of Daily Living Dataset (Ross Messing)
ROMA (ROad MArkings) : Image database for the evaluation of road markings extraction algorithms (Jean-Philippe Tarel, et al)
SDHA Semantic Description of Human Activities 2010 contest - Human Interactions (Michael S. Ryoo, J. K. Aggarwal, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury)
SDHA Semantic Description of Human Activities 2010 contest - aerial views (Michael S. Ryoo, J. K. Aggarwal, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury)
SDMS dataset summary site (videos, SAR, VHF, crowds, etc) (US Air Force)
Three image databases of work pieces for research on classifiers (Gengis K. Toledo R., Ernst Kussul, Tatiana Baidyk)
SPD2010 Fingerprint Singular Points Detection Competition (SPD 2010 committee)
SPEVI: Surveillance Performance EValuation Initiative (Queen Mary University London)
TOSCA 3D shape database (Bronstein, Bronstein, Kimmel)
TUM Kitchen Data Set of Everyday Manipulation Activities (Moritz Tenorth, Jan Bandouch)
TV Human Interaction Dataset (Alonso Patron-Perez)
UBIRIS: Noisy Visible Wavelength Iris Image Databases (University of Beira)
UCR Videoweb Multi-camera Wide-Area Activities Dataset (Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury)
UIUC Car Image Database (UIUC)
UIUC Dataset of 3D object categories (S. Savarese and L. Fei-Fei)
USC-SIPI image database (USC Signal and Image Processing Institute)
Univ of Bern databases on handwriting, online documents, string edit and graph matching (Univ of Bern, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence)
Univ of Central Florida - Crowd Dataset (Saad Ali)
Univ of Central Florida - Crowd Flow Segmentation datasets (Saad Ali)
Univ of Central Florida - DDSM: Digital Database for Screening Mammography (Univ of Central Florida)
Univ of Central Florida - Feature Films Action Dataset (Univ of Central Florida)
Univ of Central Florida - YouTube Action Dataset (sports) (Univ of Central Florida)
Univ of Central Florida - 50 Action Category Recognition in Realistic Videos (3 GB) (Kishore Reddy)
Univ of Central Florida - Sports Action Dataset (Univ of Central Florida)
UCL Ground Truth Optical Flow Dataset (Oisin Mac Aodha)
Verona Social interaction dataset (Marco Cristani)
Videoweb (multicamera) Activities Dataset (B. Bhanu, G. Denina, C. Ding, A. Ivers, A. Kamal, C. Ravishankar, A. Roy-Chowdhury, B. Varda)
ViHASi: Virtual Human Action Silhouette Data (userID: VIHASI password: virtual$virtual) (Hossein Ragheb, Kingston University)
Vision Texture (MIT Media Lab)
WILD: Weather and Illumunation Database (S. Narasimhan, C. Wang. S. Nayar, D. Stolyarov, K. Garg, Y. Schechner, H. Peri)
Yale Face Database - 11 expressions of 10 people (A. Georghaides)
Yale Face Database B - 576 viewing conditions of 10 people (A. Georghaides)
York Univ Eye Tracking Dataset (120 images) (Neil Bruce)
Database (Wikipedia)

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