CVonline: Generalized Hough Transform

Generalized Hough Transform (PDF Sec 15.5) (Bryan Morse)
Hough transforms (Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac, and Roger Boyle)
Generalized Hough Transform (PDF, pg 1-3) (Bruce Draper and J. Ross Beveridge)
Pose estimation using the Hough Transform (Philipp Robbel)
The generalized Hough trasnform (PDF, Section 6.4.2, pages 9-10) (Machine Vision; David Vernon)
Location and Description of Textured Surfaces using Stereo Vision (PDF chapter 20 Section 1.3) (3D Model Recognition From Stereoscopic Cues, J.E. W. Mayhew and J.P. Frisby)
Generalized Hough transform (Wikipedia)

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