CVonline: Snakes, Active Contours

2D Deformable Template Models: A Review (Yu Zhong)
Active or Flexible Contour Models (Andrew Wallace and Sarah Price)
Active Contour Models (Snakes) (David Young)
Active contours (Joachim Denzler)
Radial representation of active contours (Joachim Denzler)
Snakes: an active model (Ramani Pichumani)
Gradient Vector Flow Snakes (Chenyang Xu and Jerry L. Prince)
JAVA Snake Demo (Mark A. Schulze)
Active Contours (Snakes) (PDF Sec 21.3) (Bryan Morse)
Active contour models - snakes (Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac, and Roger Boyle)
Diffusion Snakes: Statistical Shape Knowledge in Mumford-Shah Based Segmentation (Daniel Cremers, Christoph Schnorr and Joachim Weickert)
Active Contour Models: Snakes (Bob Sumner)
Active contours theory (M. Lifshits)
On the Relationship between Parametric and Geometric Active Contours (C. Xu, A. Yezzi, J.L. Prince)
Facial Features (D.M. Gavrila)
Snakes (University of Manchester)
Active contour model (Wikipedia)

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