Charles Sutton

Reader (= Associate Professor)
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Faculty Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute
Office: IF 3.26
Voice (W): +44 (0) 131 651 5634
Skype: casutton
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We are currently hiring a postdoc for an exciting project on joint models for ML/NLP and computer programs!

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Me and My Research

My research concerns a broad range of applications of probabilistic methods for machine learning, including software engineering, natural language processing, computer security, queueing theory, and sustainable energy. Although these applications are disparate, they are connected by an underlying statistical methodology in probabilistic modelling and techniques for approximate inference in graphical models.

My research strategy is based on the idea that sufficiently difficult applications motive the development of new methodology. I aim to develop new machine learning methods based on this interplay of theory and practice.

I am part of a large machine learning group at Edinburgh. Here is some information for prospective students in the group.

My position is funded through the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance.

Recent Publications

My full list of publications is available. Or you can see my publications, by topic.

Or you might be interested in these recent highlights:

Finally, I have a collection of brief, tutorial-style research notes.

Students and Postdocs

I collaborate with a wonderful group of students and researchers who have, for whatever reason, chosen to go under the name CUP: Charles's Uncertain People. There is a CUP Reading Group, to which all are welcome.

A subgroup of CUP, called MAST (Machine learning for the Analysis of Source code Text), focuses on machine learning for software engineering and programming languages. Our software in this area is available via the MAST Github group.

Current members of my research group

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Here are some software, Web apps, and iDevice apps that I enjoy using.

Also, I have a list of random software tips I have collected.


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