I lead the Security and Privacy research group in Informatics and the cross-discipline Cyber Security & Privacy Research Network in the University.

I'm a member of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS) and the Mathematical Reasoning Group.

My interests include:

For more details, please see my papers.

Research Projects

App Guarden is researching foundations for improving security of application stores and devices. It builds on over a decade of research in the Mobility and Security Group, and brings new collaborations with Informatics colleagues working on compilers and machine learning.

Together with Mike Just I have been working on studying new and current techniques for Knowledge-Based Authentication and passwords.

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Proof General provides generic proof development environments for Isabelle, Coq, and other theorem provers. Connected with the Proof General project, I am conducting research into Proof Engineering and Hierarchical Proof.
I'm also associated with a cool project on collaborative theorem proving called Proof Peer.

I am a co-Investigator on the EPSRC Platform Grant The Integration and Interaction of Multiple Mathematical Reasoning Processes held in the Mathematical Reasoning Group. This grant brings together a range of innovative work connected with automated and interactive theorem proving, as well as representation and reasoning more generally.

See some more of my past projects.

Research Students

Current students:

If you're interested in studying for a PhD, drop me a line to discuss topics and check the Informatics S&P page, the Informatics PG page and the LFCS PG page.

Former students:

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