I am not planning to take on any more PhD students in the foreseeable future.

Current PhD Students

Daniel Duma, Context-based Citation Recommendation

Past PhD Students (with completion dates)


Amy Guy, The Presentation of Self on a Decentralised Web
Paolo Pareti, The Representation and Execution of Human Know-How on the Web


Johannes Flieger: Gradable adjectives and the semantics of locatives


Kate Byrne: Populating the Semantic Web — Combining Text and Relational Databases as RDF Graphs


Sebastian Riedel: Efficient Prediction of Relational Structure and its Application to Natural Language Processing


Yilmaz Kiliçaslan: A Form-Meaning Interface for Turkish
Siamak Rezaei: Linguistic and Computational Analysis of Word Order and Scrambling in Persian
Matthew Hurst: Processing Tables for Information Extraction


Tomaz Erjavec: Unification, Inheritance and Paradigms in the Morphology of Natural Languages


David Beaver: Presupposition and Assertion in Dynamic Semantics (published version)


Lex Holt: Abstracting over Semantic Theories.


Michael Newton: Grammars and Specification Languages
Scott McGlashan: A dynamic approach to lexical combination
Michael Reape: A Formal Theory of Word Order: A Case Study in West Germanic


Claire Gardent: Semantic and Computational Properties of Verb Phrase Ellipsis]


Steven Bird: Declarative phonology
Jonathan Calder: The design of computational morphology
Colin Matheson: Partitive constructions in English
James Scobbie: On the spreading and sharing of phonological information
Antonio Sanfilippo: Grammatical relations and thematic roles in linguistic theory and natural language processing
Max Volino: The linguistic and computational properties of Word Grammar


Bob Carpenter: Phrase meaning and categorial grammar
Glyn Morrill: Extraction and coordination in phrase structure grammar and categorial grammar
Frederick Popowich: Reflexives and tree unification grammar
Lesley Stirling: Switch reference and logophoricity in Discourse Representation Theory
Robert Dale: Generating referring expressions in a domain of objects and processing
Judy Delin: Cleft constructions in discourse
Luis Pineda: A semantics for graphics with some applications to HCI/CAD