Kartic Subr

K.Subr@ed.ac.uk.edu (without '.edu')

Royal Society Univ. Research Fellow,

Instt. for Perception, Action and Behaviour,

School of Informatics, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK.

Office: IF 2.06

Phone: +44 ...


  • Sep '16: I am looking for PhD students. Please write to me if you are interested.

  • Sep '16: I joined the faculty of the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

  • Jul '16: I am excited about presenting a SIGGRAPH course with Wojciech Jarosz and Gurprit Singh.

  • Feb '16: Co-chaired Technical Papers track for ACM's I3D 2016 in Redmond, WA.

  • Feb '16: Our JCGT paper was invited for presentation at ACM's I3D 2016

  • Nov '15: Our paper on guided simulation of ecological systems has been accepted to JCGT.

  • May '15: Our online view-sampling algorithm for lightfield acquisition has been accepted to ICIP 2015.

  • Mar '15: Co-chaired ACM's I3D 2015 along with Li-Yi Wei

  • Sep '14: I have received the University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society.

  • Jul '14: I am looking for PhD students in the area of stochastic sampling and signal processing..

  • Jul '14: Joined EPS, Heriot Watt University , as an associate professor at ISSS.

  • Our paper on error analysis of estimators using combinations of Monte Carlo sampling schemes has been accepted to EGSR 2014
  • Mar '14: Invited speaker at a course (minisymposium) in SIAM's Conference on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ14) .
  • Jul '13: Slides of our SIGGRAPH talks ( stochastic sampling and covariance tracing ) are now available.
  • May 13: Code for our paper at EG2013 on accurate image selection is now available for non-commercial use.
  • Apr 13: Our paper on assessing integrators using stochastic sampling strategies has been accepted to SIGGRAPH 2013
  • Feb 13: Our paper on the use of arbitrary pairwise potentials for inference with fully connected CRFs has been accepted at CVPR 2013
  • Feb 13: Our paper on the analysis of 5D temporal light fields has been accepted to TOG
  • Oct 12: Our journal paper on interactive rendering of acquired materials has been accepted to TVCG.
  • Aug 12: Our paper on stereo reconstruction in low-light conditions has been accepted at CVMP 12.
  • Mar 12: Our paper on rendering acquired materials interactively was selected best-paper-honorable-mention.
  • Dec 11: Our paper on rendering acquired materials interactively was accepted at I3D 2012.
  • Dec 11: An extended version of our paper, Real-time rough refraction, has been accepted at TVCG 2012.
  • Feb 11: Our paper, Real-time rough refraction, was judged "best paper" at I3D 2011.
  • Jan 11: Moved to the dept of computer science at UCL as an Honorary Research Associate.
  • Dec 10: Our paper, Real-time rough refraction, was accepted at I3D 2011.
  • Sep 10: I have received the Newton International Fellowship, competing with researchers in natural/social sciences, engineering and humanities.
  • March 5: Traced back my academic genealogy to the 18th century! Check it out!
  • Jan 10: Ajitha and I are thrilled. Our son Atreya was born.
  • Dec 09: The presentation slides for Our SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 paper are now available on my research page.
  • Dec 09: Our paper on approximating multiple scattering in heterogeneous scattering media was accepted at Eurographics 2010.
  • Sep 09: Our SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 paper is now available on my research page.
  • Aug 09: Presented our paper on depth of field at SIGGRAPH 09, New Orleans. Slides are here (ppt).
  • Aug 5: Our paper titled "Edge-preserving Multiscale Image Decomposition based on Local Extrema" was accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 (abstract on research page). Full paper, coming soon ...
  • Jun 09: ACM Transactions on Graphics 2009, Volume 28, Number 2 sports images from our paper on its cover! (Thanks Pierre and Thomas for pointing it out)
  • May 15: I plan to present our paper "Fourier Depth of Field" at SIGGRAPH in August 09.
  • Feb 19: I stumbled upon LuxRender, a pretty sophisticated open-source Monte Carlo rendering program that claims to produce statistically unbiased results. Installation on amd64-Ubuntu was a piece of cake. Worked straight out of the box to produce this sample rendering (~7000 samples per pixel in about 18 hours using 2 threads on my dual-core desktop). LuxBlend is an exporter plugin that allows integration of LuxRender into Blender. Quite cool. The documentation isn't much, but sufficient for experts.
  • Jan 30: Our "Fourier Depth of Field" paper was accepted for publication by TOG.


  • My academic genealogy yells "Hey! No pressure":
  • I wish greatness was inherited ;)