Kartic Subr

K.Subr@ed.ac.uk.edu (without '.edu')

Royal Society Univ. Research Fellow,

Instt. for Perception, Action and Behaviour,

School of Informatics, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK.

Office: IF 1.10A

Phone: +44 (0)131 650 2936

Research Group

Rita Pucci
post doc
Machine learning, spatio-temporal modelling.

Eliabeth Vargas
PhD student (3rd year)
Acoustic localization.

Carson Vogt
PhD student (3rd year)
Lightfields, acquisition and rendering.

Tatiana Lopez-Guevara
PhD student (2nd year)
Robotic manipulation of fluids.

Alexandros Keros
PhD student (1st year)
Analysis of stochastic processes.

Previous members

Thomas Guerneve (PhD '18)
Research Engineer, SeeByte.



  • Jan '18: Three papers accepted: JoFR, CGF (EG) and TVCG (IEEE VR).

  • Dec '17: My EPSRC First Grant proposal has been funded. I am looking for a post-doc to start in April!

  • Sep '17: Tatiana Lopez-Guevara will present our CORL 17 paper in Mountainview, CA.

  • Aug '17: Thomas Guerneve will present our IROS 17 paper in Vancouver.

  • Jun '17: Thomas Guerneve will present our Oceans 17 paper in Anchorage.

  • May '17: I am looking for two PhD students.

  • Apr '17: If you are looking for a post-doc position in Computer Vision and/or Machine Learning, please write to me.

  • Mar '17: I have been awarded a Royal Society Global Challenge Grant for a project on Wildlife Conservation.

  • Sep '16: I joined the faculty of the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

  • Jul '16: I am excited about presenting a SIGGRAPH course with Wojciech Jarosz and Gurprit Singh.

  • Feb '16: Co-chaired Technical Papers track for ACM's I3D 2016 in Redmond, WA.

  • Feb '16: Our JCGT paper was invited for presentation at ACM's I3D 2016

  • Nov '15: Our paper on guided simulation of ecological systems has been accepted to JCGT.

  • May '15: Our online view-sampling algorithm for lightfield acquisition has been accepted to ICIP 2015.

  • Mar '15: Co-chaired ACM's I3D 2015 along with Li-Yi Wei

  • Sep '14: I have received the University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society.