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Directory Structure of HIPR

This section describes the organization of the files and directories that make up the installed HIPR system. It is useful to have read this section before looking at the other advanced sections. Note that, if you are using a Macintosh computer, then a `directory' is the same thing as a `folder'.

Overall Structure

HIPR consists of more than 2000 separate files, divided over nine main sub-directories. These sub-directories all branch off from the HIPR root directory, which by default is called simply hipr. Each sub-directory contains a different sort of file as described below. This overall structure is shown graphically in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Directory structure of HIPR. Note that the directory names are all shown with a trailing slash (/) which is a UNIX convention for denoting directories (as opposed to data files). The slash is not part of the actual name.

Each of the sub-directories will now be described briefly in turn. Note that the names we mention are the default ones --- your system installer may have chosen to change them.


Contains the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) files which define the hypermedia version of HIPR. When using a hypermedia browser such as Netscape to look at HIPR, you are actually looking primarily at the files in this directory.


Contains the source and executables for the JAVA operators and interactive tableau.


As detailed in Making Changes to HIPR, both HTML files and LaTeX source files are generated from common sources files written in a special HIPR format known as HIPRscript. These source files are stored in this directory.


Contains GIF image files of all the equations used in HIPR. These are necessary because at the time of writing, Netscape is unable to render mathematics directly and so equations are included as inline images.


Contains GIF files and equivalent PostScript files for all the figures used in HIPR. The GIF files are used by Netscape, and the PostScript files are used by LaTeX.


All the full sized images that are used as examples of image processing operations are stored in this directory.


For each of the full sized images, there is a `thumbnail' sized version that is stored in this directory. The thumbnails are used in the hypermedia version of HIPR for imagelinks to the full sized images.


This directory contains the Perl scripts that are used to regenerate HTML and LaTeX files from the HIPR sources files. It also contains several UNIX scripts that can be used for regenerating figures, equations and thumbnail images. See HIPRscript Reference Manual for details.


In the course of generating HTML and LaTeX files from HIPR source files, the above Perl scripts write information about index entries to this directory, from where it can be gathered in order to produce the HIPR Index.


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