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Alpha-numeric text.

args[0] (txt2)

The original image.

args[0] (txt2msk1)

Mask for txt2 containing only the letter X.

args[0] (txt2fur1)

Result of scaling the Fourier transform of txt2msk1 and thresholding it at a value of 10. (See frequency filter worksheet.)

args[0] (txt2fil1)

Result of Fourier Transforming txt2 and txt2msk1, multiplying the images, applying an inverse Fourier Transform to the multiplied image, and, finally, scaling the spatial domain image.

args[0] (txt2fil2)

Result of thresholding txt2fil1 at the value 255.

args[0] (txt2fil3)

Result of multiplying txt2fur1 and the Fourier Transform of txt2, and then applying an inverse Fourier transform to the multiplied image.

args[0] (txt2fil4)

Result of thresholding txt2fil3.


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