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Roland Ibbett is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science (†) and an honorary member of the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture

He is a past Vice-President of EQANIE, the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education, and chairman (2010 - 2017) of the EQANIE Accreditation Committee.

Research Interests

Following retirement, I am no longer active in research (so no longer supervising students or visitors) but still maintain an interest in HASE, a Hierarchical computer Architecture design and Simulation Environment we developed at Edinburgh. This environment is effectively a virtual laboratory for research in computer architecture. It has been used for a number of major projects:

HASE has also been used as the development environment for a number of undergraduate and postgraduate projects. It can be run on Linux, MACs and Windows and can be downloaded from the HASE website. The source code for a number of models that can be use to support the teaching of computer architecture is also available from the Computer Architecture Simulation Models website. The most recently completed models are of the Ferranti Atlas Computer, built for the December 2012 50th Anniversary of the Atlas Computer celebration at The University of Manchester, its successor at Manchester, the MU5 computer, and the CDC 6600. These models are designed to provide a visual demonstration of the principles of operation of the processors concerned, rather than being full implementations of their instruction sets.


High Performance Computer Architectures - a Historical Perspective is an on-line resource being developed from the textbook "Architecture of High Performance Computers" by Roland N. Ibbett and Nigel P. Topham, originally published in two volumes by Macmillan Educational Ltd.

Publications list

† Computer: "automatic electronic apparatus for making calculations or controlling operations that are expressible in numerical or logical form"
(Concise Oxford Dictionary)

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