PhDs in: Sensor networks and IoT datamining, Analysis of Networks, Algorithms and geometry

Dr. Rik Sarkar

Admissions are open for starting in 2018. See below for various topics and PhD positions.

Data mining for Self driving cars, sensor networks, IoT

Large volumes of data are produced by these new systems. They must be processed rapidly for real time data mining tasks, using ideas from algorithms, computational geometry and other areas. We are interested, for example, in:

Network analysis

Many types of data are associated with networks or graphs -- like social networks, biological networks, road networks etc. We want to develop machine learning and data mining algorithms for these datasets. For example:

Data summarization

Large quantities of data -- or "Big data" -- are hard to handle in analytics. We want to extract compact summaries or small versions of the dataset that give the same results for analysis and machine learning. For example:

Application process

See here for instructions.