Ian Stark

A Fully Abstract Domain Model for the π-Calculus

In Logic in Computer Science: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual IEEE Symposium, New Brunswick, New Jersey, July 27–30, 1996, pages 36–42. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1996.

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There is also an earlier unpublished note on the same research: Outline of a Denotational Semantics for the π-Calculus, June 1995. This is less polished, but includes some details left out of the conference paper.


Abramsky's domain equation for bisimulation and the author's categorical models for names combine to give a domain-theoretic model for the π-calculus. This is set in a functor category which provides a syntax-free interpretation of fresh names, privacy, visibility and non-interference between processes. The model is fully abstract for strong late bisimilarity and equivalence (bisimilarity under all name substitutions).

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This research was supported by: BRICS — Basic Research in Computer Science, a centre of the Danish National Research Foundation; a Marie Curie Fellowship within the European Community EuroFoCS network; and ESPRIT Basic Research Action CLICS-II.

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