Comparing non-interleaving equivalences on labelled transition systems

V.C. Galpin

Seminar, Faculty of Informatics, Technical University of Munich, November 1995


A number of extensions to CCS have been presented in the literature. These extensions permit the definition of non-interleaving equivalences between CCS processes. In this talk, I will focus on those extensions which result in labelled transition systems where additional information (above and beyond the label) appears on the transitions---this information allows new equivalences to be defined which distinguish behaviour based on different notion, for example, causal behaviour and location-related behaviour. I will discuss two methods for comparison. The first approach, which I will discuss briefly, is done in terms of CCS processes. The second is a more general approach based on homomorphisms between labelled transition systems. I will define a generalised transition system and present some results relating to it. This work is research that will be presented in my thesis. 

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