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Validation and Verification
of Neural Network Systems

Overview of the Project

This project considers the practical application of theoretical methods to access to dependability of neural networks. As a focus of our work a region classification problem has been adopted. To support this British Aerospace provided a database consisting of 119 colour images which have been segmented and the subsequent regions labelled. Using this database a set of 35 features was obtained and we trained a neural network to classify each region (object) as 1 of 11 classes (e.g. sky, building, vegetation, road, car).

The following figure shows what an image labelled by the network looks like. A different colour has been used to designate the identity of each region. The table on the right gives the colour/region type relationship.


Typical region labelling produced by a Neural Network.
Each object has been labelled with a different colour
as listed on the table on the right.

Class Colour
Unclassified Black
Sky Light blue
Vegetation Green
Road Surface Marking Bright yellow
Road Surface Grey
Road Border Dark yellow
Building Brick red
Bounding object Brown
Road sign Bright red
Telegraph Pole White
Illumination Shadow Grey blue
Mobile Object Pink

In addressing the dependability of this method, we have identified three main lines of research.

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Contact names

Francesco Vivarelli
Dr. Christopher K. I. Williams
Dr. W. Andrew Wright

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