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See my publications on DBLP, Google Scholar or Edinburgh Research Explorer.
There is also an old list by me of papers up to 2007.

Research Projects

New! Starting autumn 2020, AISEC is exploring verification for security of AI systems.

Predicting the Security Behaviour of Mobile Apps is studying foundational models for describing application security behaviour, including efficient checking and semi-supervised machine learning to derive policies automatically.

Detection by Learning Software Models is a network security project studying how to construct semantic models of software and devices which describe normal traffic patterns and logging behaviours, so anomalies stand out.

Robustness as Evolvability is studying programmable networks and their evolution in response to cyber attacks.

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App Guarden examines foundations for improving security of application stores and devices. It builds on over a decade of research in the Mobility and Security Group, and brings new collaborations with Informatics colleagues working on compilers and machine learning. App Guarden finishes in March 2017, but we are examining several follow-on strands.

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Proof General provides a generic proof development environments for Coq and other theorem provers. I am conducting research into Proof Engineering and Hierarchical Proof. I'm also associated with a cool project on collaborative theorem proving called Proof Peer.

The Integration and Interaction of Multiple Mathematical Reasoning Processes is a Platform Grant assoiated with the Mathematical Reasoning Group at Edinburgh, and groups at Heriot-Watt and Goldsmiths College. This grant brings together a range of innovative work connected with automated and interactive theorem proving and reasoning in general.

See some more of my past projects.

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If you're interested in studying for a PhD, drop me a line to discuss topics and check the Informatics S&P page, the Informatics PG page and the LFCS PG page.

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